Software Development Stack choices and their variations

Software stack or Solution stack:

Stacks are bundle of software that consists of site’s back end which operating system (OS) and web servers to APIs (application programming interfaces) and programming frameworks.

Few are listed below:

1. LAMP ( Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ PHP ):

one of earliest stack, free, open source software components. Includes Linux OS, Apache web server, PHP application software and MySQL database. PHP interchangeable with python and Perl.


1. WAMP: Windows OS with ISS Server

2. LAPP: PostgreSQL database instead of MySQL

3. MAMP: Mac OS X

4. XAMPP: Linux, MAC OS X, Windows with Perl. It includes FTP Server

2. MEAN (MongoDB/Express.js/AngularJS/Node.js):

modern stack, javascript powered. Includes MongoDB database, JSON powered NoSQL database offers relational SQL database, AngularJS frontend framework, Express.js, web framework for Node.js.

Variations: MEEN: Ember.js instead of Angular JS

3. Bitnami Hosted stacks:

cloud based library and hosting solution

4. Ruby Stack:

Ruby/ Ruby on Rails/ RVM (Ruby Virtual Machine)/ MySQL/ Apache/PHP

Variations: JRuby: Ruby running on JVM

4. Bitnami DevPack:

PHP/Django/ Ruby on Rails/Java/MySQL, PostgreSQL/Apache Tomcat

5. Django stack:




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