Software Bundle (chmod, pip, npm, brew, vim) to Learn

chmod, pip, npm, homebrew, travis, VIM

  1. chmod: change access permission using chmod for read write execute access (rwx):

How to do that? simply by adding numbers together. Every permission type has its own number: r (read)=4, w (write) =2 and x (execute)=1

2. PyPI: pip to install python packages

3. NPM: largest software registry. To install: $ [sudo] npm install npm -g AND to install Node.js:

4. Homebrew: missing package manager for macos or linux

5. Travis: build, test and deploy.

6. VIM : great text editor for easily creating and changing any kind of text. You can simply do it from terminal.

To call $ vim or vi . To edit press i and learn the shortcuts pretty efficient, time saving, to save and exit $ wq! and just exit without saving $q!

7. git :

8. Terminal basic commands:

9. load SQL file to your own database




Just a curious kid.

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Topgyal Gurung

Topgyal Gurung

Just a curious kid.

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