MariaDB Server Installation for Mac

MariaDB Server: One of most popular database server in the world. Developed as open source software and as a relational database which provides an SQL interface for accessing data.


Homebrew: package management software, missing package manager for macOS, simplies installation of software on Apple’s macOs.

Install mariadb server on macOS using Homebrew:

  1. Install Homebrew package manager from (this contains the link and instructions)
  • Paste this link into terminal:
  • /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Press return to continue and press your computer password.


2. Now you can install MariaDB server in terminal.

$ brew install mariadb

$ mysql.server start (start server)

$ brew services start mariadb (auto start)

$ mysql -u root (log in)

If ERROR 1045 (28000): access denied for ‘root’@’localhost’(using password) is showing

  • Stop the MySQL server

If don’t know where MySQL server is?

  • Go to system preferences, and MySQL will show in the bottom, just click it and click Stop MySQL Server

Upgrading MariaDB Server:

First update your brew installation:

brew update

Then upgrade MariaDB Server:

brew upgrade mariadb




Just a curious kid.

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Topgyal Gurung

Topgyal Gurung

Just a curious kid.

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