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All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!

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Chapter 1: The Power of Thought

Thoughts are powerful things when mixed with purpose, persistence and a burning desire translate into riches or material objects.

More gold has been mined from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth. One sound idea is all you need to achieve success.

Riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work. Success comes to those who become success conscious.


Mahayana Sutra, causes and conditions, omniscience

Buddha’s own words, “ the transcendental wisdom (jnana) of omniscience has its root in compassion, and arises from a cause — the altruistic thought, the awakening mind of bodhicitta and the perfection of skillful means (upaya).”

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If Buddhisattva properly holds to one dharma and learns it perfectly, he has all Buddha qualities in the palm of his hand. That one dharma is compassion (Mahakaruna).

Developing equanimity, the root of loving kindness is by eliminating attachment and hatred. After the mind developed equanimity toward all sentient beings, meditate on loving kindness. Then meditate on compassion.

Meditate on compassion at all times…

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It requires a base of stable concentration. At very basic level of concentration practice, try to be in quiet, comfortable place free from noise and distractions. If possible, sit in full lotus position otherwise sit with a straight body and hands in meditation mudra.

For beginners use an object of concentration such as Buddha statue, a flower or some other objects and place the object at the level of your eyes two feet away.

Then, try to bring your breathing, your eyes and your mind together and place on the object without thinking about its qualities, shape or color.

Five faults to avoid:


Assembly is among one of the oldest tools in a computer-programmer’s toolbox. It is also one of the closest forms of communication that humans can engage with a computer. With assembly, the programmer can precisely track the flow of data and execution in a program. Assembly code are translated by an assembler into machine language which gets loaded into memory and executed.

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“CPU” refers to a processor, central processor or microprocessor, which is a Central Processing Unit of the computer. The CPU was first developed at Intel with the help of Ted Hoff and others in the early 1970s. CPU…

Abstraction: Abstraction is a way of thinking about a piece of software which emphasizes the key details without distracting us with all the complexity.

State: one of the most important types of abstractions, state. Any computer has two states, it’s on, or it’s off.

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Modularity: The idea that applications are built out of lots of simple elements or modules that work together.

Application: The executable code file is the core of the application, but it interacts with a lot of services such as the operating system, code libraries that add functionality and resource files

A web page works within a…

We write tests to verify that our code works the way we think it does, quickly isolate and fix bugs so that we can deliver quickly quality software to our client.

Codebase grows with more features along with changes in requirements which result in one feature breaking another. Manual Testing is time consuming and tedious. So, we have automated testing.

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Regression Testing: verify the fix actually eliminates the bug

Test are split into several different suites made up of several test cases

  • Test case verifies a small piece of functionality
  • test suite verifies several small pieces of functionality
  1. Unit Testing

OOP, Lazy Evaluation, Read File, XML

A programming language is really a set of tools that allow us to program at a much higher level than the 0’s and 1’s that exist at the lowest levels of the computer.

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Python has many libraries available that make it easy to write some very interesting programs like in Computer Graphics and Graphical User Interfaces. IDE like Wing have debugger support that will understand how Python Program works. You can download from

Guess & check pattern or idiom is making a guess as correct solution and storing the guess in a variable…

Data science is a field about processes and systems to extract data from various forms of whether it is unstructured or structured form. It is the study of collecting data, interpreting it and communicating insights.

Data Scientist need curious mind who ask questions to clarify the business need, fluency in analytics and the ability to communicate the findings. New data scientists need to be curious, judgmental and argumentative.

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Categories of Data Science Tools

  • Data Management is the process of persisting and retrieving data.
  • Data Integration and Transformation, often referred to as Extract, Transform, and Load, or “ETL,” is the process…

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