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Have your static web application packaged, built and deployed using Docker

Why Docker over Virtual Machines?

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What is Docker?

What is a container?

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a. Technical Skills:

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  1. Operating Systems(OS): UNIX, LINUX and windows Administrative tools, system utilities and commands
  2. Infrastructure components: Virtual Machines, networking, application services and cloud based services
  3. Databases and Data Warehouses: RDBMS (IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J) and Data Warehouses(Oracle Exadata, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM Netezza Performance Server, Amazon RedShift)
  4. Data Pipelines: Apache Beam, AirFlow and DataFlow
  5. ETL Tools: IBM InfoSphere, AWS Glue, improvado
  6. Languages for processing, querying and manipulating data: Query Languages (SQL for relational databases and SQL like query languages for NoSQL databases), Programming Languages(Python, R and Java), Shell & Scripting languages(Unix/linux shell and…

Mahayana Sutra, causes and conditions, omniscience

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Five faults to avoid:

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